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What is a Career in Technology Consulting?

  Keywords:  Technology Consulting, Karan Varshney, Accenture Consulting, Solution Architect, Finance Strategy, Cosultant, Solution Provider, Presales, Career, Career Objective, Career Counseling, Career Planning, Career Options, Career List What is a Career in  Technology Consulting ? LifePage – shows  what is the meaning of Career Counselling? Technology Consulting I think Technology Consulting is a great Career option. Internet is brimming with pages on How to get into Technology Consulting, while I want to first understand What is a Career in Technology Consulting. In my quest to learn more about a  Career in Technology Consulting , I found this amazing page: Karan Varshney 's perspective! Karan Varshney invested 9 years in Technology Consulting. Karan Varshney has worked in Technology Consulting as Solution Architect in Accenture Consulting. In Karan Varshney's own words, this is how Karan Varshney got into Technology